Open House@Oodles Learning

If you have always wanted to know how you can help your child score better in Math, then the Open House @ Oodles Learning is a great opportunity for you to visit the centre, meet the coaches and most importantly, let your child experience a breakthrough in solving Math problem sums.

During our Open Houses, you can look forward to

  • a 2-hour Parent Sharing Session on how to head-start your child for that unfair advantage towards A/A* in the new academic year
  • a 2-hour Trial Lesson for your child to experience and learn the right skills to solve problem sums independently

P6 Oosome Bounce

At Oodles Learning, we work hard and play hard!  Once PSLE is over, our P6 students gather together with the coaches for an Oosome Celebration prior their Secondary 1 classes at Oodles Learning start.

2017 P6 students spent a fun-filled afternoon at Katapult Trampoline Park completing various activities designed to foster teamwork, leadership qualities and the importance of giving precise instructions and executing them to the word. These important skills are another gift to our P6 students to prepare them for Secondary school life with us.

P6 PSLE Mock Assessment

More than 500 Oodles Learning students sat for the annual +hinkingMath P6 PSLE Mock Assessment at NTU@one-north this July. This event is jointly organised by onSponge and Oodles Learning as part of the preparation exercise for the national examination.

The P6 PSLE Mock Assessment provides students with the chance to be benchmarked against their P6 peers from over 100 primary schools and to showcase their competencies and elevate their area of weakness before the actual PSLE.

This is a winning experience for all our P6 students, some more than others as the Top 3 scorers get to receive a Universal Studios Singapore Season Pass!

Do you say Yes to any of these questions?

If you say yes to any of these questions, then Contact Us to see how we can address these concerns together.

Question 1

Do you struggle to explain to your child the way to solve the Math problem sums?

Question 2

Do you see your child starring at problem sums for a long time unable to even start solving?

Question 3

Is it common for your child to lose marks through careless mistakes?

Question 4

Does your child’s score in test lack consistency like a yo-yo?

Our Regular Events

Exam Preparation Workshops

Aside from weekly lessons, Oodles Learning organises Exam Preparation Workshops for students before mid and end of year exams.

During these workshops, students will work through worksheets with questions based on past exam trends so as to expose them to a wider variety of questions types.

If you are keen to sign up your child for Exam Preparation Workshops, click here.

Project image
Project image

Holiday Workshops

During school holidays, learning doesn’t stop at Oodles Learning.

Whether it is bridging programmes to help new students catch up on past term work or working through higher order thinking questions to boost problem solving skills, Oodles Learning has workshops to cater to students’ needs.

If you are keen to sign up your child for Holiday Workshop at Oodles Learning, click here.

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