P6 Mock Assessment

Every year, all P6 students from our 13 Oodles Learning centres island-wide sit for a common assessment known as the P6 Mock Assessment. The assessment will bring together up to 600 students from various primary schools across Singapore, offering them a chance to evaluate their exam readiness and refine their skills in a simulated exam environment.

This year, we’re extending an invitation to all P6 students, not just those enrolled with Oodles Learning, to experience this pivotal event! 

The P6 Mock Assessment Offers

  •  A simulated exam environment that mirrors PSLE conditions, allowing students to practice under real exam timing.
  • A post-mock walk-through providing feedback on marked scripts to identify and correct mistakes.
  • A focus on enhancing preparation, challenging students beyond standard study methods.

Mock Assessment - Paper 1 & Paper 2

The Mock Assessment is structured as follows: Paper 1 will take place in June at your chosen Oodles Learning centre, and Paper 2 will be held on the 7 July in conjunction with the entire Oodles Learning cohort at NTU@One-North.

In the registration form below, please indicate:

  • Your selected Oodles Learning centre – the centre will contact you to arrange a specific date and time for your child to attend the Paper 1 session
  • The preferred timeslot for your child’s Paper 2 session at NTU@One-North on the 7 July

Register for Mock Assessment Here

After submitting the form, please wait for the PayPal page to appear and make a payment of $125 to complete your registration.

Terms & Conditions
  • Limited slots are available.
  • Fees paid are not refundable.
  • By signing up for our services, you consent to videos and pictures of the assessment being recorded for training and commercial purposes.
  • Oodles Learning reserves the right to change, add or delete any terms and conditions herein, without any prior notice.
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