Leading Math Specialist since 2010

An Oodles Learning student paying attention in class.

Over the last decade, we have witnessed our students’ growth and academic success, which is a testament to the effectiveness of our approach. Consistently, 80% of our students scored an AL1 – AL3 in PSLE Math.

Only Certified Tuition Partner of onSponge

Established in 2008, onSponge is known for its series of math problem sum workbooks marketed under its flagship brand ‘+hinkingMath’ these are adopted annually by more than 100 primary schools in Singapore. Oodles Learning is proud to be the only brand that is endorsed by onSponge for its line of programmes including PopsicleMath, +hinkingMath and PaceUP.

Low Coach-to-Student Ratio

At Oodles Learning, we maintain a low coach-to-student ratio, ensuring personalised attention and support. With class sizes limited to 10 students, our coaches actively engage in "Coach Walkabouts" during classwork sessions to address individual needs and provide immediate feedback on progress.

80% AL1-AL3 for PSLE Math Across 13 Centres

When students register at Oodles Learning, their math scores generally range from around 40 to 80 marks. Yet consistently, 80% of Oodles Learning students across 13 centres island-wide achieve an AL1 to AL3 for PSLE Math, performing far beyond their expectations.

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