Primary Math Tuition

The thinkingMath Programme is designed based on a defined pedagogy and curriculum structured along the MOE syllabus as well as the examination trends observed by the development team at onSponge.

P1 Primary Math Enrichment

The PopsicleMath Programme is designed to allow learners to experience the relevance of Math through concrete experiences and experiments to ground a robust foundation in preparation for higher-order thinking skills from P3 upwards.

Secondary Math Tuition

The PaceUp Programme is developed to help the Secondary School students to master Math knowledge and solving skills with more depth and breadth to prepare them for the critical thinking and exam-ready needed for tertiary learning. 

The Oodles Learning Experience

At point of registration, our students’ scores can range from 40 to 80 marks. Yet, we have consistently achieved about 80% A/A* for PSLE Math over the last 12 years helping students to perform way better than they originally thought they were capable of!

Our students outperform because they are taught to enjoy the process of learning. They glow with the 3 Cs  – Cheerful,  Confident and Competence – the essence of every child’s academic development resulting from the Oodles Learning Experience!

While our parents celebrate the higher scores, they are touched by their children’s new learning experience – one that stems from our team’s belief and practice; that when a learner is engaged positively with the right guidance, encouragement and support, the potential will be unleashed and performance naturally follows.

The Oodles Learning Experience is possible because our team is dedicated to the cause of unveiling the best in every child.


In the past when he sees sums that he cannot solve, he stops. Now, he never stops trying, giving his best to solve.

Joaquin, P4
Guangyang Primary

Do you say Yes to any of these questions?

If you say yes to any of these questions then, Contact Us to see how we can address these concerns together.

Question 1

Do you struggle to explain to your child the way to solve the Math problem sums?

Question 2

Do you see your child starring at problem sums for a long time unable to even start solving?

Question 3

Is it common for your child to lose marks through careless mistakes?

Question 4

Does your child’s score in test lack consistency like a yo-yo?

Oodles Learning Programmes


Primary Math Problem Sums Skilfully Conquered

A primary math programme that is exclusively made available in Oodles Learning by the renowned onSponge team, +hinkingMath follows the MOE syllabus and is designed with a pedagogically proven curriculum structured to help different ability learners to perform in PSLE.


The +hinkingMath worksheets are meticulously created and regularly updated to reflect examination trends.

The worksheets are developed to include:

  • Pre-exercises to introduce mathematical concepts for in-depth understanding
  • Scaffold questions from difficulty levels 1 to 4 to scale up learning accordingly
  • Most-recent question trends observed in the school examinations
  • Non-routine questions to stretch abilities

Using the Oodles Learning MA+H Framework, our students are well prepared for the PSLE Math as they are:

  • Motivated and inspired to learn in a positive environment (Morale).
  • Equipped with the essential skills to perform independently and consistently well (Approaches & Skills).
  • Exposed to varied questions ranging from topical practices to higher-order thinking and non-routine sums along with the +hinkingMath proprietary strategies and approaches (+hinkingMath content).
  • Disciplined applying the right habits to sum solving to minimise carelessness (Habits).

Nurturing 7-year-olds curiosity and motivation in learning is best done through the act of doing to facilitate the practice and test of the knowledge acquired.

The PopsicleMath Programme developed by onSponge is conceptualised on this simple belief to allow learners to experience the relevance of Math through concrete experiences and experiments by working on daily tasks.

This approach to conceptual and inference-based learning is designed to ground a robust foundation in learners in preparation for higher-order thinking skills from P3 upwards.

PopsicleMath is a powerful programme that is beyond the schools providing:

  • 50% hands-on and collaborative learning that involves everyday matters
  • “My Math Play” for learners to pen down the observations made, and findings discovered that ground the conceptual understanding through play
  • “My Math Rocks” trains the students to apply their conceptual understanding to questions

For a holistic and integrated learning experience, Science, Arts, Language and Technology (SALT) are selectively
incorporated into the curriculum to broaden the children’s appreciation of Math across different discipline even at a tender age.


Excel In Secondary Math With Confidence

Math at Secondary level requires the mastering of subject knowledge and solving skills with more depth and breadth to drive consistent academic excellence in preparation for junior colleges where critical thinking, good learning habits and exam-ready skills must be developed and honed.

The curriculum of the PaceUP programme is designed to incorporate question by topics, reviews and varied sums based on exam trends to help provide the right practice, exposure and mastery of skills to excel in exam.

Students of the PaceUP programme are trained to:

  • think deeply on mathematical approaches
  • question the logic behind an algorithm
  • triumph over challenging sums consistently

I joined Oodles Learning when I was in P5.  

At that time, I was failing Math.  Thanks to Oodles,

I did well for PSLE. 

I continued with the secondary level Math programme because I want to be able to enjoy Math.

I am now Sec 3 and am confident when solving math sums. Yes, I am doing well in school too!

Alex Low, Sec 3
Compassvale Sec Sch