Since 2010, Oodles Learning has been the only certified Math tuition partner of onSponge, delivering the official onSponge learning programmes across its 13 centres in Singapore.

Our coaches are stringently selected, rigorously trained, and assessed to ensure our students’ highest quality of education. 

Despite students typically registering with math scores ranging from 40 to 80 marks, our dedicated team has a proven track record of consistently helping 80% of our Oodles Learning students achieve AL1 to AL3 for PSLE Math. We are committed to unlocking every child’s fullest potential!


Oodles Learning Centres islandwide

more than


Students attended the tuition programme


Quality passes (AL1-AL3) for PSLE exams


Years since brand was established in 2008


Book titles created and published

more than


Students have used OnSponge's content


Of all Singapore schools have adopted +hinkingMath workbooks

Our Vision

“Be the leading Math specialist and foster an engaging learning environment that nurtures the development of each student into a resourceful problem solver with a positive attitude.”

Our Mission

“To empower children to embrace learning with joy and grow in all aspects of their development by unlocking their innate potential.”

Our Values

“Our core values are sincerity, courage, and teamwork. We value sincerity in our interactions and work approach, embrace change with courage, and foster mutual respect and support through teamwork.”

Our Achievements

Almost 100,000 students coached


Achieved AL1-AL3

More than 80% of our students achieved an AL1- AL3 for PSLE Math


Grade Improvement

More than 95% of our students improved by at least one grade



More than 83% of our students are referred by satisfied customers

I highly recommend Oodles Learning to parents because of its experienced, patient, and passionate coaches who are dedicated to coaching students – they help improve academic results and foster a positive attitude and passion for Math. 

The Oodles Learning curriculum is effective in empowering students to excel in Math while making their learning journey enjoyable and fulfilling.

Yu Xiang has achieved AL1 for his PSLE Math!”

Wong Yu Xiang
Horizon Primary School 


Jonas’ coach has played an important role in motivating him to overcome the challenges faced with acquiring concepts to solving difficult Math questions. He also pushed Jonas to challenge himself more. 

Today, Jonas is a self-motivated learner and has been consistently scoring AL1-AL2 for his Math exams.”

Jonas Choo
Ngee Ann Primary 

“Oodles Learning provides a structured methodology to guide students on how to tackle even the most mind-boggling primary school Math problem sums.

The coaches are able to clearly explain and link each question to the topics that are being tested.

Over time, her growing competency in Math gave her the confidence needed to thrive and excel.”

Crystal Faith Choo
Alexandra Primary School 

Evan has definitely gained confidence and developed the competencies needed to overcome any challenging Math questions.

Oodles Learning’s teaching pedagogy and methodology will help any student looking to improve their Math.”

Evan Kao 
Anglo-Chinese School (Junior)


As a result of her time at Oodles Learning, Winstella won a Math Olympiad Bronze and represented her school in Math competitions. 

She also achieved the Best in Math Award in school and an AL1 in PSLE!”

Winstella Muliawan
CHIJ Our Lady Queen of Peace

“Colette has improved tremendously from getting 70+ marks to 80+ to 90+ marks in her school’s SA and weighted assessments. 

She no longer fears Math and has more confidence in tackling difficult problem sum questions.

Colette Peng
Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School

“Xiao Yang has more interest in Math after attending Oodles Learning.

Highly recommend Oodles Learning as it helps students to improve in Math. In fact, I have already referred a few parents to the centre.

Ma Xiao Yang
Damai Primary School


Oodles Learning has a very structured curriculum and dedicated coaches.

Jarrell has attained AL1 for his prelims and PSLE Math.

The P6 Mock Assessment was a very important benchmark exam that prepared Jarrell well before his prelims and PSLE.”

Jarrell Wong
St Andrew’s Junior School

“Xavier is equipped with skills and approaches not taught in school and a faster way to solve problem sums. 

Ever since joining Oodles Learning, Xavier’s confidence in Math increased and he has been scoring excellent results! 

The coaches are highly trained and are willing to guide students to excel in Math.

Xavier Goh
Westgrove Primary School

“Before joining Oodles Learning, my two children, Gabriel and Alexius were both not confident when working on problem sums.

We are so happy that our boys are in Oodles Learning because since joining, they are so much more confident in solving problem sums and they also do it independently.

Yes, their grades have definitely improved! Thanks to the coaches and also to the friendly and patient staff at Oodles Learning.”

Gabriel Lee
Alexius Lee
Pei Chun Public School

“Shannon has always been a hardworking student but she faces a lot of difficulties when encountering challenging problem sums.

With Oodles Learning’s dedicated guidance, we are amazed at Shannon’s outstanding P5 final semester math performance within 5 months of attending Oodles!

My wife and I are so convinced with Oodles that we immediately enrolled our 2nd child, Sharlotte as well!

We trust and look forward to your continued assistance in bringing out the best in our children with your team.”

Mr & Mrs Law, Parent of Shannon

“Outstanding P5 Final Semester Math Performance Within 5 Months! I joined Oodles Learning when I was in P5.

At that time, I was failing Math. Thanks to Oodles, I did well for PSLE.

I continued with the secondary level Math programme because I want to be able to enjoy Math. I am now Sec 3 and am confident when solving math sums. Yes, I am doing well in school too!”

Alex Low
Compassvale Secondary School

“Ashley’s Math results were not consistent in school. In fact, most times her marks were at borderline. Aside from her careless mistakes, she had difficulty understanding the problem sums.

I had tried placing her in other tuition centres. Not only it did not help, her confidence level became lower.

After she started her lessons at Oodles Learning, she began to enjoy her Math lessons. Now, she doesn’t hate Math anymore and is willing to solve the problem sums on her own most of the time!”

Ashley Tan
Pei Chun Public School

“Since Primary 5, Ke-ian J has found it rather challenging to solve problem sums that require much analysis to unlock, fear started to seep in and his confidence was taking a beating.

Then came you! Yes! You with the drive and energy, the vibrant teaching method that commands students’ attention with great ease. Naturally, Ke-ian regained his composure and confidence.

My husband and I cannot thank Oodles Learning enough for your unwavering Dedication, Passion, and Commitment. It’s these qualities that will spur you on to greater things to come.”

Ke-ian J Leong
St. Stephen’s School

“Miko failed her Maths in SA1, scoring only 47/100. My niece recommend onSponge to me because they are good in problem solving.

Without hesitation, I got Miko enrolled and she started her lessons in June.

To our surprise, Miko did quite well for her SA2. She scored 71/100 for her Math and we are very pleased that she has made tremendous improvement in her Math.”

Miko Lan
St Margaret’s School (Primary)

“Arissa and Aiden started with Oodles Learning in P3 because I wanted them to have a good foundation in lower primary for easier transition to upper primary.

Since joining Oodles Learning, they love Math are motivated to learn and challenge themselves on higher-order thinking questions.

Both my kids have definitely become more disciplined and consistent in their positive attitudes towards Math!”

Aiden, SJI Junior
Arissa, CHIJ St Nicholas Girl’s School

“My boys have joined Oodles Learning since last year. They have shown a lot of improvement, especially their positive attitude when attempting problem sums.

I am thankful to the coaches for their guidance and they are more confident when taking their exams this year. Thank you!”

Jet Li 
Jet Ming
Seng Kang Primary School

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