Oodles Learning Math Programmes

The Oodles Learning Math programmes are designed to supplement primary and secondary Mathematics in Singapore.

  • K2 to P1 PopsicleMath: Kindergarten 2 and Primary 1 students are given a comprehensive grounding in Mathematics, stimulating their natural curiosities through experiential learning.
  • P2 to P6 +hinkingMath: Introduces conceptual thinking to Primary 2 to 6 students to equip them with the necessary skills to fully understand and solve problem sums.
  • S1 to S4 PaceUP: Rigorously prepares secondary students to reach their fullest potential to excel for the exams, readying them for the demands of junior college and tertiary education.

Kindergarten 2 to Primary 1 PopsicleMath

The best way to nurture curiosity and motivation in Math for 6-to-7-year-olds is through hands-on experiences. Our PopsicleMath programme allows students to practice and test their acquired knowledge through concrete tasks and experiments, helping them see the relevance of Math in their daily lives. With 50% of our curriculum based on hands-on experiential learning, our students gain a deep understanding of Math concepts and develop a love for the subject.

For a holistic and integrated learning experience, Science, Arts, Language, and Technology (SALT) are selectively incorporated into the curriculum to broaden students’ appreciation of Math across different disciplines, even at a tender age.

Here is an example of an activity done by young learners to grasp the basic fundamental concepts of ordinal numbers:

Popsicle Math

Primary 2 to Primary 6 +hinkingMath

Our P2 to P6 +hinkingMath programme is designed with a pedagogically proven curriculum to complement the Singapore school Math syllabus and equip students with the right skills to work through Math problem sums accurately and efficiently. With a track record of consistently helping 80% of our Oodles Learning students achieve an AL1 to AL3 for PSLE Math, our programme has surpassed expectations and helped students achieve their fullest potential in Math. Over the years, we have empowered more than 100,000 students in Singapore to excel in Math and reach new heights.

Secondary 1 to Secondary 4 PaceUP

At the secondary level, Math mastery requires a deeper understanding of subject knowledge and problem-solving skills to achieve consistent academic excellence. This sets the foundation for success in junior colleges, where critical thinking, strong learning habits, and exam-ready skills are essential.

The PaceUP programme is designed to provide students with targeted practice and exposure to various exam-based questions. Our curriculum includes topic-based questions, reviews, and a diverse range of sums, all geared towards developing mastery of essential Math skills and excelling in exams.

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