P4 Essential Problem Solving Skills

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This Essential Problem Solving Skills (EPSS) series is designed as an enhanced-learning resource for Primary 3 to 6 students. Based on the MOE syllabus, EPSS adopts the scaffold approach to learning right from the concept stage in each opening chapter.

Key features in EPSS

  • Opening Chapter – introduces basis of concepts covered in the chapter.
  • Let’s Get Started – learn the fundamental understanding of the concepts in a scaffold approach through pre-exercises before it is being applied to a full word problem sum.
  • Let’s Practise – reinforces understanding of each concepts with 4 to 6 problem sums which are carefully and developed at increasing levels of difficulty to better expose and prepare students in their learning.
  • Review Questions – test competency in application of concepts at the end of each main chapter through problem sums which have been randomly put together in a mixed-question format.

Solutions/answers are available for download online at

This book is based on MOE’s older syllabus. The updated book based on MOE’s 2021 Math Syllabus will arrive in Q3 2024. Please email if you would like to be placed on the waiting list for the latest copy.

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