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P6 Pre-Prelim Revision Workshop

At this Pre-Prelim Revision Workshop, your child will Review, Recap, and Reinforce the core problem sum-solving approaches and strategies.

During this intensive session, your child will Review, Recap, and Reinforce critical problem sum-solving approaches and strategies that will be presented via varied types of sums commonly found in examinations.

✅ Whole Numbers
✅ Fractions
✅ Percentage
✅ Ratio
✅ Circles and Composite Figures
✅ Geometry
✅ Speed
✅ Volume


‘Ask Me Anything’ Free Consultation

We’re inviting you to bring any Math material—whether past exam scripts, assessment papers, or school assignments to any Oodles Learning centre of your choice.

During your consultation, one of our experienced Math coaches will work one-on-one with your child to:

✅ Identify Learning Gaps
✅ Provide Expert Guidance
✅ Offer Tailored Advice

Spots are limited, so book your free consultation today!

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