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Whether you’re looking to boost your child’s academic performance or simply seeking a fun and engaging way to supplement their math learning, our happenings page has something for everyone.

With a proven track record of helping students achieve exceptional results, we are the leading choice for parents who want to give their children the best chance to succeed!


P1 to P6 Free Math Trial

Give your child the gift of learning with our complimentary P1 to S4 Math trial (worth $80) at Oodles Learning.

Why Join Our Math Trial?

✅ Real Classroom Environment: No simulations here; your child will be part of an actual class, interacting with peers, participating in real-time learning, and experiencing the engaging and supportive atmosphere that makes Oodles Learning stand out.

✅ Discover Our Techniques: We’re proud of our skills and techniques that have led to an astounding 80% of our students achieving AL1 to AL3 in PSLE Math. This trial is your chance to see these methods in action.

Spaces are limited so fill in the form below to RSVP!


P6 Mock Assessment

Every year, all P6 students from our 13 Oodles Learning centres island-wide will sit for a common assessment as an additional exam-readiness preparation before their Prelim and the PSLE.

This annual signature event has been an integral part of our success in achieving up to 80% AL1 to AL3 performance in the PSLE Math.


Oodles Learning Student Excellence Award

At Oodles Learning, we believe in nurturing students beyond academic performance. The Student Excellence Award recognises students who exemplify holistic excellence and encourages them to pursue greatness in all aspects of life.

As a final boost of motivation before moving on to the next phase of their education, one P6 student from our 13 centres island-wide receives this prestigious award annually. The recipient must demonstrate commendable attributes of perseverance, discipline, humility, and excellent academic performance. Our goal is to inspire students to develop the right attitude to scale great altitudes and make a difference at a higher level.

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