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Are the Tutors at Oodles Learning qualified to conduct the thinkingMath programme?

Yes. All tutors at Oodles have been have been assessed and qualified by onSponge before they start teaching at Oodles Learning. Qualified tutors will be trained in the thinkingMath strategies and also be engaged selectively in the thinkingMath initiatives driven by onSponge directly.

What are Certified Partners for the thinkingMath Programme?

Oodles Learning is a Certifiied Partner for onSponge's thinkingMath programme and is qualified and licensed to conduct the programme in Singapore.

What are the credentials of the Tutors?

All Tutors engaged by Oodles Learning possess a minimal diploma if not a degree and at least 3 years of tutoring experience focusing on Primary School students. They are also trained in the +hinkingMath strategies and are required to fulfill the following:
• Take a half-yearly written test 
• Be observed during their lesson time at least twice a year
• Facilitate at the thinkingMath™ workshops.

Senior Tutors have also:
• Moderate at the thinkingMath Online Forum of www.onSponge.com
• Serve as the master trainer at any of the thinkingMath™ workshops
• Develop the thinkingMath materials alongside the onSponge development team
• Serve as trainers to other teachers, educators and parents.

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