Finding Your Math Match: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Math Tutor


Many students struggle with Mathematics, and choosing the right type of tuition can significantly impact their understanding and performance. 

The Oodles Learning tuition programme is designed based on a defined pedagogy and curriculum structured along the MOE syllabus as well as the examination trends observed by the development team. Lesson plans are conducted over 50 weeks of sessions per annum to develop problem-solving skills, including comprehension & presentation techniques, application of effective strategies to perform under examination conditions, higher-order thinking concepts and exposure to regular assessments for reinforcement learning.

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Math Tuition Options 

Throughout their schooling years, children are required to take regular math standardised tests, which can be quite stressful. This is particularly true when at a young age they are made aware that exceptional academic performance is a crucial factor for gaining entry to tertiary institutions and potentially for securing future employment.

One solution to this issue is to hire a qualified math tutor for your child who can help him throughout any stage of his education path that he may find challenging.

Know Your Child’s Needs 

In this age of technology, where recruitment of tutors may be as easy as a click of a button, finding a qualified tutor who is specifically suited to your child’s needs remains a difficult task. Whether your child requires regular sessions for a specific grade level or simply to help in preparation for a particular test such as the Gifted Programme or Direct School Admission Assessment, there are different qualified tutors available depending on your child’s needs.  

Some tutors provide one-to-one support to target any topics which your child personally finds difficult specifically. Such an arrangement offers your child the advantage of seeking help only on a need-be basis and working at a pace which suits him, spending more time on topics with which he currently struggles. Your child is also free to ask as many questions as he needs to.

Group math tuition is another option to consider, as it offers numerous advantages over one-on-one tutoring. By fostering a collaborative learning environment, students can engage in discussions, share ideas, and learn from their peers’ perspectives, enhancing their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Moreover, peer support and motivation within a group setting inspire students to stay focused and push themselves further. The diversity of learning styles present in a group allows students to explore various approaches to understanding mathematical concepts, leading to a more comprehensive understanding. Additionally, group tuition is often more cost-effective, making quality math education accessible to a broader range of students while also preparing them for collaborative environments in academia and beyond.


1-to-1 Tuition

When one has the option of having a 1-to-1 tutor for the child, it is natural to ensure personalised service with a 100% focus on your child during the tutorial. Of course, it will also mean a more expensive charge rate. Hence, it is worthwhile for one to spend more time to interview and select the most suitable tutor to best match your child’s learning style – an important consideration given that children do vary in their learning abilities, especially those who require professional help and interventions to unlock their learning potential.
It is recommended that you contact your child’s school teacher to understand your child’s needs better and ask if they have any connections to tutors whom they find suitable to address your child’s needs. Of course, for children with special learning needs, there are professional setups to approach for assessments, therapies, and intervention programmes.

Online Tutors

If your child is a relatively disciplined and independent learner, then there is the option of an online math tutor, which provides the bonus of your child learning from home in an environment in which he is comfortable. Online tutoring removes the issue of scheduling conflicts between your child and the tutor, and you do not need to worry about arranging transport to and from the sessions for your child. 

A good online tutor platform should provide: 

  • complete online resources and educational tools to aid your child’s learning process. 
  • sound progress monitoring facility to assist parents to better appreciate their child’s learning over time. 
  • a well-designed online math tutor service can also assign interactive homework help sessions. This enables your child to work on math problems using an interactive medium which will engage and intrigue them, thus motivating them to learn.

Group-based Math Tuition

Group math tutoring sessions provide your child with an excellent opportunity to expand both their academic skills and their ability to solve problems whilst working within a group. The ability to work well within a group can prove to be beneficial for your child throughout his later adult life because employers seek candidates who can work effectively with others in team projects. 

Group tutoring sessions are usually conducted at math tuition centres, and since these are establishments, you should expect more structure and professionalism. 

At group-based math tuition, you can expect:

Collaborative learning

Group math tuition provides an environment where students can work together, exchange ideas, and learn from each other. This creates a collaborative learning environment for understanding mathematical concepts.

Peer interaction

In a group setting, students have the opportunity to interact with their peers, ask questions and discuss problems. This peer-to-peer interaction can enhance their understanding of different perspectives and approaches to solving math problems.

Increased engagement

The dynamic nature of group learning often makes math more engaging for students. Discussions, group activities, and shared learning experiences can make the subject more interesting and enjoyable.

For example, at Oodles Learning, this dynamic approach to group learning is reflected in our lesson plans. These plans are crafted over 50 weeks of sessions per annum, aiming to develop essential problem-solving skills. We focus on enhancing comprehension and presentation techniques, applying effective strategies for exam performance, introducing higher-order thinking concepts, and providing exposure to regular assessments for reinforced learning. 

This structured approach not only increases engagement but also ensures a comprehensive and enjoyable learning experience for students enrolled in our group math tuition program.

Social skills development

Interacting with peers in a learning & engaging math environment helps students develop important social skills, such as communication, teamwork, and cooperation. These skills go beyond mathematics – they are beneficial in various aspects of life.


Group tuition is often more cost-effective than one-to-one tuition, making it a practical option for families looking for affordable math support for their children.

How to choose a group math tuition provider?

When deciding on a math tuition centre to enrol your child in, make time to meet up with the centre manager to find out about the following:

  • Ensure the physical set-up is conducive and located in a safe neighbourhood.
  • Confirm that the curriculum structure not only complements the school’s syllabus but also addresses any gaps in public school education.
  • Inquire about how the centre maintains consistency in the quality and relevance of teaching materials.
  • Investigate the tutors’ credentials, taking into account their academic background, subject-specific experience, and professional training.

At Oodles Learning, we confidently check all these boxes. Our math tuition programme is designed based on a defined pedagogy, and the curriculum is structured following the Ministry of Education syllabus, taking into account examination trends observed by our curriculum development team.

Our coaches and tutors undergo stringent selection, rigorous training, and continuous assessment to ensure the highest quality of education for our students. With a dedicated team that boasts a proven track record, we consistently help at least 80% of our Oodles Learning students achieve AL1 to AL3 for PSLE Math.


Ultimately, tuition lessons can be an incredibly enriching process for you and your child, enabling them to be taught at a pace which suits them, in a style which suits them, by a tutor who has the specific skills required to suit their educational needs. 

Tuition lessons can help your child grow confident in subjects that they may shy away from or enhance their academic skills, as well as equip them with the ability to apply these skills to real-world working situations. These skill sets will be invaluable throughout their adult life, significantly increasing your child’s chances of establishing a successful long-term career.

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