In 2010, Oodles Learning became the only certified tuition partner of onSponge to conduct the official onSponge learning programmes. To ensure consistency and quality of the programmes conducted at all 11 Oodles Learning centres that are conveniently located throughout Singapore, all coaches are stringently selected, rigorously assessed, and fully trained only by onSponge.

When students register at Oodles Learning, their math scores generally range from around 40 to 80 marks. Yet consistently, 80% of Oodles Learning students achieve an AL1 to AL3 for PSLE Math, helping them to perform far beyond their expectations. These achievements are possible because the Oodles Learning team is dedicated to unleashing every child’s fullest potential.

Oodles Learning

Our Mission

“Nurturing children to learn happily and develop holistically by unleashing their inherent potential.”

Our Vision

“Be the leading Math specialist that transforms learning into an enjoyable experience with each learner becoming a creative problem solver with a positive attitude.”

Our Values

Sincerity: Towards people and work

Courage: To make changes, accept challenges and acknowledge mistakes for progress