The Philip Yeo Young Scholars Award

Being a student at Oodles Learning is not just about scoring A/A*. Our students are nurtured beyond academic performance. We believe that for them to scale to greater altitude they will need to be instilled the right attitude and develop quality attributes in the way they learn and live life.

The Philip Yeo (PY) Young Scholars Award, which is exclusively designed for Oodles Learning is an annual award administered by Economic Development Innovation Singapore (EDIS) to recognize our students for their exemplary performance holistically and encourage them to pursue great heights in all their endeavors.

The Patron, Mr Philip Yeo (Chairman of EDIS) is known for championing people development and education in Singapore having created scholarship programs in the organizations he helmed. This includes the Economic Development Board and A*STAR where he produced about 2000 scholars in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). After developing generations of leaders in his over 40 years of public service, Philip Yeo continues to do what he does best – invest in the development of people and talent – through the PY Young Scholars Award.

As a final boost of motivation before our students move on to the next phase of their education life, one P6 student across our 11 Oodles Learning centres island-wide gets a chance to receive this prestigious award annually. The recipient of this award must show commendable attributes of perseverance, discipline and humility on top of his excellent academic performance.

Inspiring our students to develop “The Right Attitude to Scale Great Altitude” to make a difference at a greater level is the goal for Oodles Learning because Scholars to us represent more than academic performance.

The Categories & Criteria

Top 10 Candidates

On top of their academic performance, shortlisted students are selected for demonstrating exemplary conduct in the classroom and consistently displaying a positive learning attitude. The Centre Manager and Coaches are actively looking for attributes of determination, discipline, humility, respect and compassion in our students.

Top 3 Finalists

Each candidate will be attending an interview session with the Oodles Learning Management. The interviewers will evaluate and identify the right qualities and attitude that distinctly qualifies the candidate into the Top 3 Finalists Category.

The Scholar

The Scholar will be selected by our patron, Mr Philip Yeo based on all the criteria from the 2 categories and the candidate’s performance in the PSLE.


The Timeline

Happening When
Official launch of the Philip Yeo Young Scholars Award July 2019
Start of Search for Top 10 Candidates August 2019
Announcement of Top 10 Candidates September 2019
Interview Session for Top 10 Candidates October 2019
Announcement of Top 3 Finalists November 2019
Award Ceremony November 2019


1. How many recipients are there for this award?

There are 3 categories of recognition altogether. 

Top 10 Category: 1 Candidate per centre
Top 3 Category: Shortlisted from the Top 10
The Scholar: Selected from the Top 3

2. Who are the judges for each category?
3. Is there a bond for the award?
4. Is this award open to Singaporeans only?
5. Must all students participate in this initiative?
6. Who can I contact for more information?
7. How and when can a student apply for the award?
8. What are the criteria that qualifies a student to be considered for the award?
9. What are the documents that are required once a student is shortlisted?
10. How does a student know if he has been nominated?

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